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These pages began as a way to let students at The University of Southern Mississippi know what computer workshops and classes were available through the Continuing Education Department. The project developed into my personal web pages and a way to tell anyone who is interested a little about me and about the many different computer classes I have taught.

First - The classes I taught at The University of Southern Mississippi.

I taught classes and workshops at The University of Southern Mississippi before moving to California.

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I began teaching computer workshops for the College of International and Continuing Education at the university in June of 1991. I started that summer with 6 Saturday workshops and developed this into a program that included 9 credit courses through the MIS department and 14 non-credit workshops each semester.

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dolphin r3003dolphin r2902 The original purpose of these pages and class descriptions was to assist students who were not sure about taking a particular class. Students could find information here to help in making a decision as to which class would be best for them.

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Short Courses Non Credit Short Courses

Next - The classes I taught at High-Tech Institute, Inc.

In Sacramento, I taught in the Computer Networking and Information Technology Department at High-Tech Institute, Inc., a private technical college with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Here are other pages you may find interesting!

My Biography

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My Biography

My Resume My Resume
My GuestBook
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I will add more information here later and even photos of my kids and my cats as time permits.
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Drop me a line sometime.

2002, Gerald E. Nuckols

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