Credit Course Descriptions

These are the courses that I taught at USM under the course number MIS204. Each class met
in the ILR computer lab in McLemore Hall room 309. We met in the lab so that each class was a
hands-on activity where students were actually doing exercises on the computers during class.
Introduction to Windows
Desktop Publishing using Microsoft Word for Windows
Microsoft Word Part 1 - Basics
Learning to Use the World Wide Web
Microsoft Word Part 2 - Advanced
Searching and Researching on the World Wide Web
Microsoft Excel Part 1 - Basics
Using HTML - Basic Introduction
Microsoft Excel Part 2 - Advanced &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites
Microsoft Access Part 1 - Basics
Integrating Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Access Part 2 - Advanced
Microsoft PowerPoint
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Introduction to Windows

Microsoft Windows is an operating system that lets you use a graphical user interface to control the basic operation of your computer and the programs you run on it. Students will learn to use the mouse to navigate through the environment. You will also learn to manage files and folders, to customize Windows to suit your preferences, and much more. No prior knowledge of computers is necessary.

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